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Subjects offered in Degree Course

Stream: ARTS

Six Semester Degree B. A. Programmes

a) Subjects offered in Major Courses : Assamese, Education and Political Science

b) Structure of Courses of the Programmes :

i) Compulsory Courses: These courses are the compulsory courses for all students of the programme concerned.

ii) Major Courses: Major courses shall be chosen by the students. The courses shall be optional and non-mandatory.

iii) Non - Major Courses: Non - Major courses shall be chosen by the students, who do not opt for major courses.

iv) Skill - based Courses : A skill based course shall be mandatory for all students pursuing General B.A. Programme.

c) Subjects: The subjects mentioned below shall be offeredin the Six Semester Degree Programmes.

Core Subjects:

i) English

ii) Modern Indian Language (M. I. L.) (Assamese, (in lieu of M.l.L.) (Bengali, Hindi) OR Alternative English

iii) Computer Skills I Communication Skills (in lieu ofComputer Skills)

iv) Multi - Disciplinary.

v) Skill based courses (For General Programme only) Elective Subjects

vi) History

vii) Economics Additional Courses of Study

viii) Educationix) Political Sciencex) Sociology

a) Computer Education.

b) B. A. Courses (General & Major), B.Com and P.G. courses through Distance Mode Under Dibrugarh University (Annual System)

c) BPP (2 years) and BA Courses (Semester System) through Distance Mode under KKHSOU.
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