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The establishment of Makum College in 1997 in this easternmost part of Asam is an epoch-making event in-as-much as it has opened up a new vista for higher learning. The College, although too young, has been able to maintain a good academic standard over the years and hopes to do so in future. The congenial atmosphere prevailing in the college to carry on normal academic activities is the secret of our success. Our basic objective is not only to finish the prescribed courses in time and prepare the students for examination, but also to inculcate in them a respect for noble ideals of life which we are presently lacking.We have continuously utilized our time and energy for the all round development of the college in terms of infrastructure and other amenities to create a suitable atmosphere for the students. The college is proud of having a group of brilliant, enthusiastic, hard-working, experienced and devoted teachers who  besides being busy in class room teaching are also inclined to play the role of ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ to our young people. The harmonious relation that exists between the teachers and the taught is one of the primary factors for attracting the students from far and near to this college.

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