Rule & Regulations

General rules for maintenance of discipline among students

i) The college lays great emphasis on discipline, character building, and college decorum and hence the students are expected to abide by the rules of discipline in letter and spirit.

ii) Violation of college rules, unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance, showing discourtesy to the teachers and staff members, adoption of unfair means in the examination are the offences which may make students liable for disciplinary action like forced transfer and even expulsion from college.

iii) Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited.

iv) Mobile Phones I Ipods or any such type of electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the college campus. If anyone found possessing them, then he/she will be fined with Rs. 1000/-.v) Spitting on walls is strictly prohibited. If anyone found doing so, he/she will be punished and shall have to pay fine up to Rs. 500/-.

vi) Destroying electric switches, lights or fans and sports material is strictly prohibited. If anyone found doing so, he/she will be punished and shall have to pay fine.

vii) Students must keep their class rooms and college campus neat and clean.

viii) Students are not allowed to go outside the college campus without permission of the college authority during the college hours. College authority may take strict action against those who are found doing violating that.

ix) Chewing of paan, guthka, supari, shikhar or any such type of things inside the college campus is strictly prohibited. Anyone found violating it shall be punished severely.

College Uniform :

a) Boys : White shirt and black trouser with black shoes, black sweater in Winter.

b) Girls : White Chaddar-Mekhela with blue ‘Pari’ and navy- blue blouse or white churidar­ kurta and navy-blue churni, black sweater in Winter.

c) Jeans pant, swish pant & sporting not allowed.

College Identity Card :

College identity card is issued to every student.

* Students found without full uniform and identity card will be liable for punishment.

Attendance Rules For H. S. Classes :

Class attendance will be governed by AHSEC as follows:

Regular: 75% or above Non-collegiate  : 60% to 74% Dis-collegiate: Below 60%

*Dis-collegiate students are not allowed to fill-in forms for AHSEC/University examination.

*Non-collegiate students are required to pay a fine to fill-in forms for such examination.